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Lawn & Garden


Doing some Spring cleaning or Fall maintenance? A to Z rents all types of lawn and garden equipment. We are easily accessible right off I-91, convenient for those from Meriden, Wallingford, Hamden, New Haven and Northford.

a2z015.jpgRear Blade Tiller

Great for tilling over your garden or lawn for reseeding.

$69.00 Day , $52.00 1/2 Day





Great For Those Small Tilling Jobs

$45.00 Day, $32.00 1/2 Day





Self Propelled 20" Coring Width. Will Improve Your Lawn By Aerating Compacted Soil Letting Water, Fertilizer, And Oxygen Penetrate Down To The Roots Of Your Lawn Promoting Stronger Grass Roots. "THIS MACHINE IS EQUIPPED WITH FOLDING HANDLES TO MAKE IT EASY TO TRANSPORT IN SMALLER SUV'S"

$60.00 Day , $40.00 1/2 Day




a2z019.jpgJr. Sod Cutter

The Ryan Jr. Sod cutter - a commercial industry standard for over 50 years. This machine cuts sod up to 2 inches thick and 18 inches wide.

$67.00 Day, $47.00 1/2 Day




lawn_thatcher.jpgLawn Thatcher

Makes Dead Grass Removal A Breeze With No Hand Raking Involved. Prepares The Soil For Reseeding And Fertilizing For A Better Looking Lawn. "THIS MACHINE IS EQUIPPED WITH FOLDING HANDLES FOR TRANSPORT IN SMALLER SUV'S AND CARS"

$45.00 Day, $32.00 1/2 Day




Drill_Seeder_Self_Propelled.jpgDrill Seeder, Self Propelled

A Self Propelled Version Of Our Bluebird Seeder That Makes Overseeding Large Area Lawns A Breeze With The Ability To Climb Hilly Terrain With No Effort.

$96.00 Day, $66.00 1/2 Day




a2z020.jpgS22 Lawn Seeder

A powerful well-balanced and portable seeder for turf renovation to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. The handles fold down so it can be transported in most trunks and small suv's.

$63.00 Day, $46.00 1/2 Day





Self Propelled 20' Cutting Width Rear Bag Or Mulching Capable

$30.00 Day , $20.00 1/2 Day




leaf_blowers.jpgLeaf Blower

9 Horsepower Engine. Powerful Enough To Clean Up Those Leaves This Fall

$44.00 Day , $32.00 1/2 Day




images_4.jpgBrush Mower

11 Horsepower Self Propelled. Has '3' Forward Speeds And '1' Reverse. Makes A 24 inch Cutting Path And Will Cut Tree Brush Up To 1 1/2" Diameter.

$68.00 Day , $48.00 1/2 Day




pole_saw.jpgPole Saw

10 1/2ft. Long. Gas Driven With A 10 inch Cutting Blade. Will Cut Limbs Up To 5 inch Diameter. Also Available With A Hedge Trimmer Attachment To Trim Those Tall Trees.

$36.00 Day , $26.00 1/2 Day




images_13.jpgChain Saw

20 inch.Cutting Bar Chain Saw. Our Saws Are Sharpened And Serviced After Every Rental As To Assure A Razor Sharp Cutting Edge For An Effortless Job.

$42.00 Day




a2z009.jpgBackpack Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Great for cleaning up your fall leaf projects.

$32.00 Day , $22.00 1/2 Day




log_splitter.jpg26 Ton Log Splitter

9 Horsepower 26 ton vertical log splitter. Can be used to split wood in either the horizontal or vertical position.

$66.00 Day , $46.00 1/2 Day




stump_grinder.jpgStump Grinder

25 Horsepower Self Propelled--- No Need To Push Or Pull. It Drives On It's Own. * We Sharpen The Teeth Every Rental So Your Always Guaranteed A Sharp Easy Grinding Experience. A Set Of Ramps Are Available With The Machine So It Can Be Driven Up Into Your Pickup Truck Or Trailer

$132.00 Day




images_9.jpgStump Grinder

Model 2150, 30 Horsepower Self Propelled. This Machine Can Grind The Largest Stumps In Diameter And Up To 12" Deep Into The Ground.

$232.00 Per Day, $167.00 1/2 Day.Trailer Available @ $27.00 Additional If Needed




a2z021.jpgBrush Bandit Chipper

The model 65 brush bandit chipper makes converting brush and tree limbs into small wood chips. This machines boasts a powerful 35 horsepower engine for handling the heaviest jobs up to 6" in diameter and has a self feeding hydraulic roller to pull the tree limbs into the machine for chipping.All of our machines are equipped with the "auto feed"option so as to minimize jambing and clog ups.

$165.00 Day, $117.00 1/2 Day, 35 Horsepower 




a2z014.jpgWood Chipper

This machine will handle up to 9" diameter wood with a 90 horsepower diesel engine. The dual roller infeed system pulls the wood in effortlessly for those large diameter logs.

$237.00 Day, $167.00 1/2 Day, 90 Horsepower. 





This high performance dehumidifier will extract up to 14 Gallons of water per day to dry out your damp or wet basements.

$35.00 Day, $105.00 Week




a2z041.jpgElectric Air Mover

Great item to help air dry your wet carpets after a water flood.

$15.00 Day , $45.00 Week




images_15.jpgLeaf Vacuum

Self Propelled Vac With 3 Forward Speeds To Make That Fall Leaf Cleanup A Breeze

$32.00 1/2 Day $45.00 Full Day




images_24.jpgLawn Edger

This Gas Edger Will Make Quick Work Of Trimming That Border On Your Sidewalk Or Driveway For That Manicured Look.

$25.00 Day; $18.00 1/2 Day




images_26.jpgTow Lawn Roller

This Lawn Roller Is Ideal For Smoothing Out Those Bumps In Your Lawn From Winter Frost Heaves, Moles Or Any Lawn Repair You've Done. Empty It Weighs 70 lbs. And 920 lbs. When Completely Filled.

$16.00 Day




images_27.jpgLawn Roller

Perfect For Rolling Out Freshly Laid Sod Or Soil. Weighs 40 lbs.Empty And 240 lbs. Filled With Water.

$9.00 Day




images_28.jpgPower Ladder Hoist

This Power Hoist Will Lift 400 lbs. Up To A Max. Height Of 28 ft. And Is Gas Driven And Needs No Electrical Source To Power It. Great For Lifting Roof Shingles, Plywood And Any Other Material Up On Your Roof.

$65.00 Day                                                                                                                       Not Available At This Time                                                                                       




download_9.jpgFolding Ladders

We Rent A Large Inventory Of Ladders:
8ft = $11.00; 10ft = $13.00; 12ft = $15.00; 14ft = $20.00; 16ft = $23.00 Day




download_10.jpgExtension Ladders

We Have A Large Selection Of Aluminum And Fiberglass Ladders To Reach Any Height From 24ft.Up TO 40ft.

24ft = $22.00; 32ft. = $22.00; 40ft. = $25.00 Day




r4d028958_whp48a_642x462.pngJohn Deere 48" Walk Behind Mower

Model WHP48A. Hydrostatic Drive, 20 Horsepower Kawasaki Engine With Electric Start And A Floating Deck For Fast And Efficient Operation On Those Large Mowing Jobs. $90.00 Day, $60.00 1/2 Day